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    ''The Copyright Law of 5846 contains the principles that it is illegal to play music without copyright in all public commercial enterprises and that criminal sanctions are applied by professional associations. ​ ​ Under this law, businesses that broadcast pirated are subject to high criminal sanctions. ​ ​ Within the scope of the committed crime, a lawsuit is filed with fines starting from 50.000 TL and imprisonment of up to 3 years against the branch managers of the enterprise. ​ ​ BMC GROUP offers you affordable and legal music broadcasting. ​ ​ Legal responsibility within the framework of our broadcasts belongs to us, and you do not need to pay royalties to Music Professional Associations.'' ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Risk-free and uninterrupted music streaming with a large, royalty-free and 100% legal music archive ​ ​ General or store-specific promotions and campaign announcements with location-based announcements and promotions ​ ​ Privilege to centrally control and manage multiple points from one place

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  • Legal  streaming with music archive 

  • Limitless radio ad 

  • Technical infrastructure of each brand 

  • jingle to all brands 

  • Ability to enter each store separately  

  • Ability to coordinate the TV and audio broadcast stream of each store  

  • Weekly release reporting 

  • General Directorate of Copyrights official document sharing 

Stream copyrighted music. Save money!

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Legal Music

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